Governing Board

These individuals are responsible for  articulating the church’s core mission and developing a strategy and plan to achieve it by going through a formal strategic planning process which includes development of a mission, vision and values statement as well as overseeing the development of operational goals that map out steps for achieving the mission. They are responsible for monitoring and holding leadership accountable for achieving business results by developing annual church goals and holding the top leaders responsible by providing them with authoritative boundaries for achieving goals. The board is responsible for the organization’s responsible stewardship, financial accountability and solvency. The board is responsible for chartering a compensation committee that is responsible for benchmarking top church leader’s compensation, making recommendations for pay and housing allowance and approving salaries of senior leadership, adhering to laws that govern nonprofit organizations,  for ensuring there are no conflicts-of-interest and puts policies and systems in place to ensure full disclosure of any potential conflicts within the organization or the board and much more.

Front Row: Shantell McNeil (Member) Mildred Woodard Treasurer), Deborah Callier (Secretary)

Back Row:  Lindsey Gaston (Vice President), Charles Taylor, Sr. (Senior Pastor),  Patrick Haynes (President), and Willie Taylor (Member)